Weighty Propositions

Submitted by: Phil Riebel 10/01/2012


USPS Deliver Magazine - December 1, 2011

 LA Weight Loss Centers recently found great success from adding direct mail to its integrated marketing campaign, a testament to the continuing power of print and paper.

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For years, LA Weight Loss Centers and its branded online store have helped consumers reach their weight reduction goals. But the company took a decidedly big approach recently when launching an integrated marketing campaign designed to fatten profits and bulk up market share within the competitive diet industry.

LA Weight Loss's multichannel campaign leverages national direct response TV spots, search marketing and social media. For the crucial direct mail segment of the campaign, LA Weight Loss enlisted New Jersey-based Edmunds Communications Group to oversee list, printing and fulfillment.

The weight loss center's April 2011 "Summer Countdown Savings" mail campaign best reflects how the company's mailers work. The postcards featured before-and-after photos of "Erica," a customer who lost 46 pounds in 24 weeks. The back of the postcard featured three coupons offering savings of 25 to 50 percent on weight loss products purchased at LAWeightLoss.com or by calling the company's telephone number.

The postcards were mailed to nearly 132,000 customers and prospects nationwide. As for results, Edmunds' Katrina Samartino notes that the company's partnership with LA Weight Loss is into its second year. "When we continually see businesses like LA Weight Loss use direct mail campaigns, we know that there is an obvious success behind it," says Samartino, a senior account executive. "People want something in their hands, that reminder that comes in the mail."